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About us

Sudanes in Oxford & Oxfordshire


A non-profit based in Oxford established in 1996, has a mission to unite Sudanese families from diverse religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. The organization offers support, and advice, and creates a welcoming environment for families to socialize, meet and offer each other guidance. To further promote Sudanese culture and heritage, Revise organizes sports activities such as football and charity events, as well as hosting lectures and exhibitions.



Our goal is to unite all Sudanese individuals in Oxford and Oxfordshire, regardless of their background. As a community organization, we aim to provide unparalleled support and assistance to Sudanese families, enabling them to thrive through education and integration into the British and other communities. Additionally, we aim to celebrate and promote Sudanese culture, heritage, equality, and diversity.


- Our mission is to improve the lives of children from war-torn and impoverished regions through education, health initiatives, cultural programs, and engaging activities.

- For adults from disadvantaged and low-income backgrounds, we offer support in their careers, education, literacy skills, and integration into British society.

- We empower women by educating them on their rights, improving job prospects, and providing career guidance, marriage counselling, and childcare advice.

- We also provide asylum to immigrants who have taken significant risks to escape war, persecution, and poverty, supporting their job search, career development, mental well-being, and integration into UK society.

- Lastly, we aim to enhance the quality of life for seniors by offering programs in health awareness, continued education, exercise, and extracurricular activities.

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